Sunday, August 13, 2017

Tribulation Timeline

Virtually 100% of all timelines chronicling the great tribulation use as a foundation either the Book of Daniel or the Book of Revelation, and yet that does not line up with the warning given in Psalm 78.  It is within this Psalm that God spoke thru the Prophet and Seer Asaph, warning not to forget His works and wonders.  It is this single chapter within the Book of Asaph  that drives home what future generations are to be built upon.

Let us consider the Stations of the Exodus, and how that may be directly tied to the division of time.  One temporal saeculum repeatedly referred to in the Bible, God's Holy Word is forty two months.  It is no secret that these months could be seen as 42 pins on a timeline.

01. Raamses
02. Sukkoth
03. Etham
04. Pi-Hahiroth
05. Marah
06. Elim
07. By the Red Sea
08. Sin Wilderness
09. Dophkah
10. Alush
11. Rephidim
12. Sinai Wilderness
13. Kibroth-Hattaavah
14. Hazeroth
15. Rithmah
16. Rimmon-Perez
17. Libnah
18. Rissah
19. Kehelathah
20. Mount Shapher
21. Haradah
22. Makheloth
23. Tahath
24. Tarah
25. Mithcah
26. Hashmonah
27. Moseroth
28. Bene-Jaakan
29. Hor Haggidgad
30. Jotbathah
31. Abronah
32. Ezion-Geber
33. Kadesh
34. Mount Hor
35. Zalmonah
36. Punon
37. Oboth
38. Abarim Ruins 
39. Dibon Gad
40. Almon Diblathaim
41. Abarim Mountains
42. Moab Plains

The real point of consternation for most is the where the final plague, the death of the firstborn, would be on the Tribulation Timeline.  This is really what must be "come to grips" with.  I look at God's saying, "declaring the end from the beginning" as referring to opposite things that are equal.  Therefor, although it is reasonable, most will not realize that what could be implied is exactly that.  During the First Gathering He smote the first fruits of the oppressor, for the Final Gathering He will snatch the first fruits of the oppressed.

With that that put forth, I submit this for your review.  Please post your questions and or comments, so that we all may edify, and be edified.


Friday, August 11, 2017

Dead Rise First - Matthew's Mistakes

Transcript of removed audio.

First instance:
I already had all of this in my mind before I even looked.  The last thing I looked at, Ladies and gentlemen, was First Thessalonians chapter four verse sixteen.  That was the last thing I looked at.  "For the Lord Himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout", what Delitzsch use here ladies and gentlemen?  What did what did Ehrlich and Dalman both ratify?  They both bore witness that he said the truth.  Well Matthew's got problems right here, because right here the New Testament says that not states the Lord God Most High.  This is what you call in English the tetragrammaton and I just set back.  I don't...I don't understand because Delitzsch, Ehrlich, and Dalman all heard all the crap, I'm sure, that this was in reference to Christ coming down from heaven.  No, this plainly says in the Hebrew Y-H-V-H in our tongue.  It doesn't say Christ and I just...  Listen I'll be perfectly honest with you, my mind wanted to reject what I was looking at.  My mind wanted to reject it that he couldn't, they wouldn't've, all three of them would not have done that. They would have done it and ...

I have no idea what to make of this.  There is no reason for me to debate with you.  I'm looking at this in Hebrew.  I know exactly what it says, and the second instance, of course, is "adown",the second letter half of that verse.  I know what it says in Hebrew that part where it says "and the dead in Christ will rise first" that's "adown".  What many people think is the Hebrew word "adowni", even though there's no Strong's word for that, it's  "adowni".   I just... CLINTON I don't know what to offer you for condolence if I've upset you.  I don't know how to...  I don't know how to help you or encourage you about what I just stated and everything that I said because I need some encouragement right now myself.  How couldn't I have seen that before?  Wait a minute, the Hebrew doesn't say, "Christ comes down", so you switch it over to the Editio Regia, what God actually said, and by the way once again, the whole planet knows that.  Everybody knows.  All church leaders Catholic, Orthodox, all the Prot... Everybody knew that the fifteen fifty one translation of the Editio Regia because he had tow secret manuscripts he would not give to the church nor to the government.  Everybody knew.  The entire world knew the Editio Regia was the correct New Testament translation, or manuscript.  They knew it.  Well that's why in Greek it doesn't say what I assumed it said.  It doesn't say that "for Jesus Himself will descend from heaven with a shout", that's not what it says.  No, no, no, no, no, no it's not it says.  It says "kurios shall descend".  In the last phrase it says "Christos", here in this case which is the dativ, singular, masculine case he actually said with his mouth "Cristo", so I know what He said.  I'm not going to argue with you about what He actually said, but why didn't I see it until just now? 
Have I shamed the Name of the Lord my God... by just seeing this now?
Had I always assumed that as soon as a martyr is beheaded, or thrown off a bridge, or shot they never went to Hades?  Did God ever say that?  No God never said that, I assumed it.  Why did I assume they immediately went to the altar in heaven?  Well why wouldn't they want to have a chit-chat with David?  Why wouldn't I want to enjoy, well, let's say Mary?  If they're woman, I'm sure they'd want to talk to exactly the women that witnessed.  I'm sure they'd want to have a conversation you know be encouraged by, know, all three Marys.  So what if God doesn't take them into... what if God doesn't take them from Paradise, which is in Hades, separated by guff, all the ancient scholars thought that it was like a floating island, that's the only way they could describe how guff could be on every side.  They envisioned it like a floating island above Hades.  That's where paradise is.  I mean, it is appointed unto man once to die, then the judgment.  Well technically speaking, if you die you have to enter into Hades, whether you go to paradise or not.  So what if these people: they're martyred; their entered... they are taken into Hades; deposited in Abraham's bosom, which is paradise, and then periodically they are harvested to the throne?  So the ones that are in paradise right now, that have been martyred, they haven't been harvested to the throne yet?  I don't know.  All I'm saying, that God never told me, not in Hebrew or Greek, when they're actually translated to His throne.  He never said that.  And why didn't I remember that God stated that?   First you die then you're judged.

Well If you die you have to go to Hades you have too. I just... I don't know ladies and gentlemen, I don't know what to say, and I don't know how to console myself with the obvious incompetence I have displayed with God's word.

Second instance:
I know that's a direct reference to what Clinton was talking about those who would set down and rule with Christ...the Hamsharetim...Primus Resurrexerit.
 The next verse.

Third instance:
Now listen to what Clinton brought out about the parable of the farmer.  Ladies and gentleman they get torched before you're brought into the barn.  Right?  Right?  That's what he just said,  "going to gather you up"... but His recompense goes before him.  Now that brings to mind.